Campfire stories



7:30PM 10:30PM shows


This show is 17+ only

3121 S Moody Ave the foot of the OHSU tram



(Update FRI/SAT 7:30 Sold Out) $5 parking RIGHT at the entrance to the show. NO driving around, or parking in dark corners.:))


Live Storytelling, Outside*! In collaboration with BackFence PDX, ART presents CAMPFIRE** STORIES. Come get your stories and s’mores on.


ONLY 60 tickets available per show!


When the leaves are in their glorious orange and red prime, and a hint of crispness is in the air, it's the perfect time for ghost, getting lost, summer camp, and outdoorsy stories!


BackFence stories are typically personal and entirely true, but the joy of campfire stories is they are a bit larger than life. Though the stories in the show will be true – storytellers will get in touch with their tricky inner fox and exaggerate some details.


Each cabin will perform once a night, alternating time slots over the two evenings.


GRIZZLY CABIN storytellers: Eden Dawn, Matt Sheehy, Brooks, Jason Rouse, Monica Choy, Katie Nguyen.

See the Grizzlies: 7:30pm FRI,10:00PM SAT


RATTLER CABIN storytellers: Chris Williams, Shelley McLendon, Derrick Brown, Darshanpreet Gill, Stephanie Strange, Jason Rouse (Friday 10PM only) Kirsten Kuppenbender (Saturday 7:30PM only). See the Rattlers: 10PM FRI, 7:30PM SAT


We'll also have musician Sean Flinn at all performances!


*We’ll be under the 40-foot-high open-sided cover of the giant Zidell barge building (plenty of fresh-air circulating…. barges were built there) next to the base of the OHSU tram. Making this a sweet rain or shine show!


**We had every intention of audiences sitting around real wood burning campfires. But Oregon is currently experiencing a fire ban. NO WORRIES. We have the pivoting skillset on lock. We’ll create the best campfire experience you’ve seen since Waiting For Guffman







Sometime soon! Stay tuned! 







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