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SAT JULY 13 | 21+ | ASL
DOORS 6:30PM | SHOW 7:30PM
5225 NE MLK Blvd

FEATURING: KATIE NGUYEN The Winner From Our May Show, Named one of the Portland Mercury’s Geniuses of Comedy, Host of Earthquake Hurricane, Addicted to Using Q-tips in Ears, CHRIS WILLIAMS Past Winner, Creator of Front Porch Sessions and The Turnout Storytelling Series at The Secret Society, Does a Spon-On Marlon Brando Impression (Heavier Marlon Brando), Has Never Drank Coffee Ever, Not Once, In His Life, ALEX DANG Writer, Program Specialist at Literary Arts, Knows Too Much About the Show Friends, Former Speech and Debate Champion, and three other fantastic storytellers! 

Music by DJ BOBBY D from
ASL Interpretation by BLAKE WALES

*10% of ticket proceeds go to OREGON FOOD BANK.

Storytellers subject to change without prior notice.

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JULY 10 – 24
THURSDAYS, 6:00PM – 9:00PM
(Two sessions + a 7:00PM storytelling show)

Register via the Literary Arts website, class posted soon

Instructors: Mindy Nettifee & Katie Piatt. Master the art of live true personal storytelling, to get in on the fun on stage at The Moth, Back Fence PDX, or any of the storytelling shows in town. In this three week intro course, you will learn the basics of story construction using the five-part story arc, and how to use themes to choose your details and hone the right tone. You will also get the goods on how to deliver your best performance onstage. This class culminates in a live storytelling show, where you’ll tell your story before a live audience and have your story recorded as an audio file for you to keep.


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