Hello Story lovers! 

We have a bright spot to announce. We have been chosen by Artists Reparatory Theatre to be a part of their Arts Hub. Their new theater will be done around Fall of 2021 which we are all hopeful will also mark the return of live events. For now... VOTE!

We love you, we miss you, stay pumped, wash your hands, and reach out to your people. We hope that thanks to all of our collective care and caution, and a vaccine this pandemic slows dramatically so we can see you next Fall.

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Fall Storytelling Intensive: Stories of Healing/Healing our Stories

Oct 15 2020 - Nov 19 2020
Thursdays, 6 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Remote

This six-week intensive will help you master the art of live true personal storytelling! The workshop covers crafting stories using the five-part story arc, delivering your best performance on stage, and a treasure trove of secrets to this satisfying art form. And as a special twist, the theme of this particular intensive will be stories of healing. How do we tell stories of our traumas and dark nights of the soul? How do we talk about the events of our lives that truly shaped and transformed us, change how we saw ourselves, others, and the world? And how do we do this in a way that acts as the final verse of a healing spell – finishing and integrating our healing process?

This class is appropriate for therapists and those working in the healing arts, as well as any and all who feel the call to tell the story of their personal healing one-on-one, in public, or in memoir or personal essay form. This class includes a live storytelling show over Zoom, where you’ll tell your story before a live (remote!) audience and have your story recorded as an audio file for you to keep.

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story, hosting + peformance services

Toastmasters and self-help have taken you as far as you can go. Let the Producers + Hosts of Back Fence PDX, B. Frayn Masters + Mindy Nettifee, take you where you need to go next.

Your ability to manifest your dreams and realize your purpose; to be and express your best self; and to not sweat and panic and dread your life so much along the way - that's what's on the line.

It's time to get real with real help, and we've got you. 

Free Delivery offers expert personal coaching from coaches you will actually look forward to spending time with. We also work with businesses and organizations, and offer sought-after custom workshops; impossibly good event emceeing; and internal research and intervention services for departments and teams who are stuck for mysterious (and some obvious) reasons.

We know a lot of coaching and workshops are a big waste of time. We've been there, and it doesn't have to be that way. Let us put our years of experience to work for you - we have expertise in personal and group psychology, creative writing and expressive arts, scripted and improvisational performance, and straight up comedy and good-times-production.

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