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Back Fence PDX presents a brand new live storytelling format! The first show in January was a hit! Come and check out!

STORYTELLERS for this round of RUSSIAN ROULETTE include:

DERRICK BROWN (pictured) (AUS) President of Write Bloody Publishing + Paratrouper for the 82nd Airborne + Was a Magician at Knotts Berry Farm + Loves Shooting Bows & Arrows at Beer Cans + Officially 3rd Best Kisser in the World
JESSICA LEE WILLIAMSON (LA) Personal Assistant + Featured on KCRW & The Moth Podcast + Graduated from The Second City Conservatory + Tried to Beat the World Record in Pogo Sticking + Failed the 9th & 11th Grade
AUDREY KEARNS (LA) Co-Creator of 5 Truths And A Lie Storytelling Series + Stopped Writing After College Professor Encouraged “Don’t stop writing. Keep writing. KEEP WRITING!!!” + Acted at Many Theme Parks And Theatres in Orlando + Trying to Figure Out How to Choreograph a Laser Fight On Stage + Finally Started Writing Again
BRIAN BRADLEY (LA) Co-Creator of 5 Truths And A Lie Storytelling Series + Hollywood Television Writer + Started Writing Because He Couldn’t Draw + Tried To Be A Poet, but Discovered Poems Are Pretty Difficult + Tried Writing Dramatic Stage Plays with Embarassing Results + Started Writing Comedy to Avoid Writing Ad Copy + Still Can’t Draw
ARTHUR BRADFORD (PDX) Director ‘Six Days to Air: The Making of South Park’ + Writer for South Park + ‘Benny’s Brigade’ (McSweeney’s, 2012) + Co-Director for Camp Jabberwocky + Writer, Director, Producer of MTV’s ‘How’s Your News?’
ADAM ARNOLD (PDX) Local Fashion Designer Icon + Collects Marmalade + Is an INFJ + Owns all of the Original ‘Hawaii Five-O’ on VHS
RENEE JENKINSON (PDX)Travels the World Teaching Wilderness Medicine to Wild People + Worked as a Stand-In Hula Dancer on Wheel of Fortune + Placed 15th in the Nation in Debate
BRIAN ELLIS (PDX) Nationally Renown Night Shouter + Cab Driver + Cheesemonger + America’s Worst Escape Artist

How it works: each show begins with a full wheel of juicy story prompts. (A new wheel sponsored by Bunk Bar is being built as we write!) One of the 8 storytellers will be randomly drawn. They spin the wheel to decide the prompt for their story. They can play or pass! If they pass another teller can steal their prompt! Then the risky part…each storyteller has only 5 minutes to come up with a true 5-minute story based on that prompt!!! It’s like we invented a new game called truth AND dare!

At the end of the night, the audience will select a winner who will receive 50 bucks and some other cool prizes, like bragging rights for life. Audience rounds (we ask people to volunteer, don’t worry we won’t pull out of the audience, cuz UGH) will also be included!

$12.50 ADVANCE | $15 DAY OF SHOW

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