BEHIND the SCENES of BFpdx with our bell ringer — Katrina Scotto di Carlo

Hey you all! We have so many awesome people working, sponsoring and supporting Back Fence PDX…so we’re ripping back the curtain to embark on a little look BEHIND the SCENES… First up our bell ringer, the sometimes bearded and always lovely, KATRINA SCOTTO di CARLO.


Some folks see a simple, infantile xylophone when they look at my table.

Katrina Scotto di Carlo

A few are intimidated by its loud-and-proud rainbow bars. Others imagine themselves cradling the soundbox to their bosom while caressing the bars with the singular mallet – a posture and striking style wholly ineffectual for producing the clear bell-like tone required for a Back Fence PDX performance.

I’d like to say that I have a special relationship with that particular xylophone. That it visits my dreamscape looking like Anubis of the Eygptian Pantheon and whispers complicated Italian phrases to me. That the xylophone and I go on the Lewis & Clark ride at Oaks Amusement every Saturday afternoon together, rain or shine. But none of that would be true.

My relationship with that xylophone is that I try to hit Center Bar on cue and even then I sometimes hit rubber. And nowhere deep down inside do I think the xylophone understands any of this. But in case my xylophone reads blog posts, let me explain.

Dear Xylophone,

I’m so insolent, not because of anything you did wrong, but because I come to you after running a company called Supportland all day. While this means working with the best folks in the city and doing hilarious/rad stuff for the local economy, it can also be stressful because it’s a lot (I mean, A LOT) of responsibility.

Sometimes I come straight from work – that’s when you have to share the table with my open laptop before doors open – and sometimes after shuffling my two little kids around town.

We both know that I’m much nicer after a glass of bourbon, so let’s just hope B. Frayn keeps those drink tickets rolling.

Katrina Scotto di Carlo
Mistress of the Bell

Twitter: @katrinasdc

The Supportland Crew

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