Back Fence is Tomorrow! Free Saint Cupcakes!


Back Fence is tomorrow, people! We have the most amazing storytellers! We laughed and cried when we heard these stories.

We ran a little contest over at to win tickets for Back Fence this Wednesday. You can buy tickets here!

Some goodies from the contest:

From Erik Ratcliffe

Cupcake in each hand,
I place my face between them

From stephen h

i call you cupcake
not because i love you, but
because i love cupcakes

From Ed Rafalko

When eating cupcakes
one must resist the strong urge
to faceplant the box

From Cora Potter

sweet tooth pierces crumb
red velvet gives way to a
heart of buttercream

From Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf

i have chosen the
cream cheese frosting not taken.
made the difference.

From Charley Daniels

My little cupcake
Changing hue from pink to blue
Cause I’m choking you

If you want an invite to, just send an email to melissa [at] backfencepdx [dot] com. If you want a free Saint Cupcake, buy tickets here!

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