Back Fence PDX SuperFan ❘ Kathryn Talley-Crinklaw

Hello, friends! Meagan Kate here. The Back Fence PDX crew is honored to have a group of amazing story lovers who’ve supported and helped to spread the word about the show over the last four years.

We’ve gotten to know faces and names, and wanted to show our appreciation for the folks who have been with us since the beginning. So, we’ll be showcasing some of those who’ve been with us the longest through a series of blog posts this summer, all about our Back Fence PDX SuperFans!

We know there are more of you mad storytelling lovers out there…if you haven’t already, please introduce yourself to us at a show, we love getting to know more about the people who attend regularly!

This is a real photo of Kathryn's *first* Back Fence! It's worth scrapbooking!

In our second installment we have Kathryn Talley-Crinklaw, who was brought to our show by the lovely Aisha Panas (our last SuperFan!) and she’s been loyal ever since. Her love of the show is infectious and we adore her.

When was your first Back Fence? 

(While typing in an Oscar stage style setting)…..I’d first like to thank all the producers and storytellers of BackFencePDX for all of the amazing shows and for bestowing me the honor of writing this piece.  I’d also like to thank Aisha Panas for INSISTING I come to BFPDX waaay back in 2009, Saint Cupcake for the best cupcakes in Portland, and Popina for a swimsuit that fits and is really cute and…..

My first show was BackFencePDX’s third show and it was held at Urban Grind which was, quite believably, already too small for BFPDX.  My presence was requested by the above mentioned Aisha, my circa 1987 middle school gal pal and she had me pick her up for the show on a NE Sandy street corner.  She’s classy like that. The seating at UG was nothing short of guerrilla warfare, but we have suspiciously sharp elbows, so we maintained our seated status and proceeded to laugh so hard we couldn’t speak and were using only hand gestures to communicate.  She had told of how amazing the first two events had been and if I were bendier, I would actually kick myself for missing them!  Three years and counting, I have only missed one show and know that I speak the truth when I tell you that only a freshly broken ankle could have kept me from posting up in the middle of the room with my girls Aisha and Jody.

What show or story has resonated with you most?

My favorite thing about BFPDX are the alluring themes of the shows and they keep me coming back!  I completely identify with a few of my favs….’Caught Red Handed’, ‘Our Bodies / Ourselves’ and more to the point that is truly fitting for my little world, ‘Mistakes were Made’.  My favorite stories are most often the funny ones and when I retell the stories (the best I can) the next day at work and then people beg me to tell them when the next show is.  It’s a win / win sitchy of the best kind.

My favorite stories and storytellers have been (in the order and subject matter as they are cataloged in my mind) Rael Dornfest and his African American experience, Arthur Bradford, Fresh Squeezed Juice and Love with the French Teacher, Laura Weedman and How to Frighten John Stewart 101 and one I can identify with all to well, John Roderick and Adult Braces.  Sweet Jesus….it’s like that man has seen my soul.

(MK note: The story titles are all Kathryn’s, and they are great!)

The best thing you could do for yourself today is to treat this website like homework….. I’m not joking.  Not in the least.

What makes you come back?

BFPDX is a sure thing.  Every time.  Kind of like a hooker, but without the fear of being robbed.  Seriously, it is.

What would you like to see Back Fence do?

My Christmas wish is to see BFPDX continue to grow and thrive.  When I bring people to the show, they all come back for more (it’s a little like the coke of the 80’s but more addicting).  What you’re doing, you’re doing really well.  And I mean it.

Would you fight other Super Fans in an octagon?

WITHOUT hesitation, “Yes I would.”  Saint Cupcakes and New Deal Vodka are my calling card and I don’t have suspiciously sharp elbows for nothin’.

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