You Get Free Stuff!

At the Eastland Academy + SexyNurd show, you get free stuff from our fantastic sponsors!

How about a FREE CUPCAKE from SAINT CUPCAKE? Have you had the Big Top Saint Cupcakes? Um, they’re delicious and have chocolate chips. CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

What about some NEW DEAL VODKA? We’re making cocktails from their amazing vodka and you get ’em for a donation!

And, on Halloween, the fabulous LOCKET2YOU is giving away some gift certificates for people coming in costume! I know, right? Have you seen their awesome lockets? Well, have you?

Grab some 2-4-1 tickets to the Halloween show here. Date: 10/31, Code: Halloween.

Join us, won’t you?

McdonaldConfidenceEASTLAND ACADEMY is Shelley McLendon and B. Frayn Masters performing a funny, smart show of hilarious sketches! Scary Mennonites! A tribute to White Snake! Slow river inter-tubing! Pre-recorded Spooky Gun Shots!

The lovely McLendon was specially chosen to travel with Mortified to LA and SF. She has written and performed for LiveWire, and kicks ass in the Liberators with her dry wit and memorable characters. Masters has changed live(s) with her award-winning writing and performances on Comedy Central, NPR, ImprovOlympic, Animal Planet Network, and McSweeney’s, she is also the blond co-host of Back Fence PDX.

sexynurdSEXYNURD — auGi belts, pleads and air guitars his way out of his nurd-boy image in his one-man show, SexyNurd. But will a holy devotion to Rush’s Geddy Lee mean Rock Stardom? Um. Maybe?

auGi is a veteran of The Improv in LA, Second City, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Portland’s Mortified and Live Wire, auGi really does resemble the wikipedia picture of Geddy Lee.

*WARNING* Exposure to 80’s prog-rock and untamed back hair may cause heart palpitations.

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