Videos from our Something I Cannot Unsee or Undo show!

Stories about psychic powers that will not be ignored, stealing a car versus motherly love, birth of canine savior(s), and a woman discovers that making a documentary about the secrets of a small town Alabama woman — leads to discovering more about herself. Not to mention a he said/she said-style story from the differing point of views of  married people BRIAN FINKELSTEIN and JEAN VILLEPIQUE! 

The storytellers brought their Something I Cannot Unsee or Undo stories at our new home,the beautiful and sexy Alberta Rose Theatre .

If you weren’t able to catch the show live, check out the Director of 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park,  ARTHUR BRADFORD and Key & Peele Writer, COLTON DUNN below, with  the rest of the videos from MISS RENEE, CASEY PARKS, JEAN and BRIAN  —> HERE

—> Get your tickets for our next Back Fence PDX: RUSSIAN ROULETTE show on SAT, APRIL 18. With Founder of Geek Girl Authority and Co-Host of LA’s popular 5 Truths and a Lie storytelling series, AUDREY KEARNS (LA),  One Half of Sketch Comedy Sensation, The ACES, SHELLEY McLENDON (PDX), and Writer for Live Wire! Radio, JASON ROUSE (PDX). Along with newbies, the Host of The Late Now, LEO DAEDALUS (PDX), Voted Willamette Week Funniest Person of 2013, AMY MILLER (PDX) , Writer + Former Spanish Cave Homesteader, CURT HOPKINS (Eugene),  Radio Journalist, JOSEPH JORDAN (PDX) and Member of Lez Standup + Voted Most Opinionated in High School, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER (PDX).

The show is half sold out already so hop on your tickets: HERE