MARCH 29/30 REDUX Storytellers Announced!

Tickets are already moving fast for our big March storytelling shows! We hope you’ll join us for two very special nights of all new stories from some of our audience favorites of the past four years! We cast a variety of local and national tellers from different walks of life…some have a long list of performing credits, and for others this appearance will be their second or third time on stage!

Many tellers will share personal details that they’ve never uttered to another soul before hitting our stage.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Dreams, Idols, Obsessions |Thursday March 29

JUST CAN’T GET OVER IT: Revenge, Heartache, Insanity, Anticipation | Friday March 30

===> Head HERE to purchase tickets! Both shows take place @ the Mission Theater!



ADAM ARNOLD (PDX) | Friday March 30 (pictured)
Local Fashion Designer Icon + Collects Marmalade + Is an INFJ + Owns all of the Original ‘Hawaii Five-O’

AMBER JO (PDX) | Thursday March 29
Radical Social Worker + Undefeated Leg Wrestler in 4 States + Former Gambler + Featured Mortified Performer

ARTHUR BRADFORD (PDX) | Thursday March 29
Director ‘Six Days to Air: The Making of South Park’ + Forthcoming: ‘Benny’s Brigade’ (McSweeney’s) + Co-Director for Camp Jabberwocky (the nation’s longest running residential summer camp for people with disabilities) + Writer, Director, Producer of MTV’s ‘How’s Your News?’

BETH LISICK (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) | Thursday March 29 & Friday March 30

Lead in the Award-Winning Feature Film: ‘Everything Strange and New’ + Front Person for the Band ‘The Beth Lisick Ordeal’ + NY Times Best-Selling Author +  Forthcoming: ‘Yokohama Threeway’ (Michelle Tea’s City Lights imprint)

BRIDGET PILLOUD (PDX) | Thursday March 29
Pet Psychic + Intuitive Counselor + Athlete Wannabe

Became One of the Youngest Lawyers in Nevada History (at 23 yrs. old) + Commentator on ‘The Nancy Grace Show’

ERIC SCHEUR (PDX) | Thursday March 29
Freelance Animator + Karaoke Junkie + Collector of 1980’s Pocket Games + Ira Glass Wannabe

JEFF HARDISON (PDX) | Friday March 30
Currently Building ‘Meridian’, a Mobile-App Startup + Kentucky Born and Raised + Has a Leg Length Discrepancy + Post-College, Supported Himself Winning Foosball Tournaments for Cash Prizes

LAUREN WEEDMAN (LOS ANGELES, CA) | Thursday March 29 & Friday March 30
‘The Daily Show’ Correspondent + Actor, Writer for HBO’s ‘Hung’ + Featured in ‘The Five-Year Engagement’ with Jason Segel + Creator of Critically Acclaimed One Woman Shows ‘Bust’ & ‘No, You Shut Up’

MATT SMITH (SEATTLE, WA) | Friday March 30
World Class Benefit Auctioneer + Longtime Newspaper Boy + Star of Video Series ‘Cookus Interruptus’ + Creator of Critically Acclaimed One Man Shows ‘All My Children’ & ‘My Last Year with the Nuns’

===> Head HERE to purchase tickets!


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