Losing My Religion

BRIAN FINKELSTEIN: Emmy Nominated Writer for the Ellen DeGeneres Show + Volunteered at Suicide Hotline for 4 Years + Has Seen the Indigo Girls in Concert Over 50 Times | [sview caption=”Brian Finkelstein at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172455″]watch[/sview]

NICOLE HARDY: Author of the memoir, Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin + Former Wrigley Field Peanut Vendor + Swam with The Original Members of Rockapella | [sview caption=”Nicole Hardy at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172483″]watch[/sview]

ALLISON FROST: Senior Producer and Occasional Host of Think Out Loud + Deviled Egg Connoisseur + Consistent Loser of Monster Bingo to Four-And-A-Half-Year | [sview caption=”Allison Frost at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172451″]watch[/sview]

BRI PRUETT: Receptionist/Barista/Karaoke Jockey + Owns a Custom Hula Hoop + Subscribes to Bon App├ętit + Has Used Over 70 Flavor Descriptors When Writing About Pizza | [sview caption=”Bri Pruett at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172453″]watch[/sview]

ALICIA J. ROSE: Photographer + Filmmaker + Retired Accordionista Miss Murgatroid + Lifetime Rock Band/Cat Whisperer | [sview caption=”Alicia J. Rose at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172448″]watch[/sview]

COREY ROSEN: Visual Effects Artist + Has Woken Up Nude in Public Places While Sleepwalking + Collected More Than 400 Snow Globes | [sview caption=”Corey Rosen at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/77172456″]watch[/sview]

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