I Didn’t Think This Through

CARLI DAVIDSON: Animal Obsessed Photographer + Pork Addict + NRA member | [sview caption=”Carli Davidson at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/37573256″]watch[/sview]

DAVID SILVERMAN: World Class Benefit Auctioneer + Ate 18 Donuts and Still Lost the Eating Contest | [sview caption=”David Silverman at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/36876657″]watch[/sview]

DOUG ASKELSON: Construction Estimator + Professional Pain in the Ass | [sview caption=”Doug Askelson at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/37575664″]watch[/sview]

GREGG ABBOTT: Whiffies Pie Owner + Huge Ukulele Nerd Who Once Ate 75 Scoops of Ice Cream in 3 Days for Research | [sview caption=”Gregg Abbott at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/36884498″]watch[/sview]

LAURIE NOTARO: New York Times Best-Selling Author + Bigfoot Enthusiast | [sview caption=”Laurie Notaro at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/36877719″]watch[/sview]

MARY VAN NOTE: Weird Standup Comedienne + Specializes in Drawing Stick Figures | [sview caption=”Mary Van Note at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/36889019″]watch[/sview]

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