Hold onto Your Chips. Amber Jo Tells a Stunner.

AMBER JO told a riveting and hilarious STORY during THE NOVEMBER 17th, ‘That’s a Mouthful’ show. Where it all began: At the age of 10, I worked very hard to earn $50 spending money for my class’s field trip to Kings Island amusement park. I entered the gates and was immediately obsessed with the idea of winning a gigantic, stuffed, Scooby Doo doll. Determined, I stood and tossed rings at 50 cents a pop until my entire $50 was spent. Having no money for food or drink, I had to tell my teacher, Mr. Maynard who was quick to shame  me. I didn’t win the doll, but I did manage to escape from my teacher and make-out with a 12 year old in the dark, haunted boat ride. SCORE! The gambler in me remained dormant for 19 years until that fateful day my co-worker asked me to join that damn charity poker tournament. 

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