Don’t Box Me In

AARON SPENCER: Dance and De Facto Drag Queen Writer for Willamette Week + Web Design Pro + Go-To Karaoke Song is “Under The Sea” + Once Broke a Window to Escape a Hookup |

JOEY SLAMON: Co-Producer of Arrested Development + Can Recite Every Opening to Each Individual Law and Order Series + Cries Every Time Someone Mentions WALL-E | [sview caption=”Joey Slamon at Back Fence PDX” source=”″]watch[/sview]

JOY BRYANT: Star of Recent Box Office Hit ‘About Last Night’ + Jasmine on NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ + Bronx, NY Born + Went from Rags to Riches… or The Projects to a Ski Condo + Powder Loving Snowboarding Fool + Amateur Astronomer | [sview caption=”Joy Bryant at Back Fence PDX” source=”″]watch[/sview]

PAUL GLAZIER: Actor + Writer + Husband + Father + Seen on Leverage & Grimm + Heard on Live Wire! + Worked as a Waiter at Montage Where He Invented the Sperm & Egg Foil Wrap For Leftovers + Strong Feelings Against Oyster Shots | [sview caption=”Paul Glazier at Back Fence PDX” source=”″]watch[/sview]

REBECCA GATES: Musician + Artist + Curator + Activist + Once Bicycled from Bordeaux to Amsterdam – via Germany + Has Talked with Willie Nelson about Whether One of Them Knew the Chords to Any Fleetwood Mac Songs | [sview caption=”Rebecca Gates at Back Fence PDX” source=”″]watch[/sview]

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