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Back Fence PDX, Mortified, and True Stories All Together

On May 7th at 7:30pm, Back Fence PDX, Mortified, and True Stories all take to the stage together at the Bagdad Theater! Word to your Mother — It’s an evening of true tales about moms, in celebration of Mother’s Day. (You got her a card right? And put it in the mail?) And Saint Cupcake is giving away cupcakes! Join … Read More

Word to Your Mother

Please check out the website for the exciting Word to Your Mother show co-produced by Back Fence PDX, Live Wire! and Wordstock HERE!

Fish Out of Water

Gasp by Kathleen McDade The first time my dad and grandfather took us fishing, only my brother caught a fish.  When he pulled it out of the water, I was shocked to see Grandpa grab a piece of wood and knock the fish in the head.  It bled out onto the rocks, with its eye staring at the sky. A … Read More

Fish Out of Water

The Free Bus by Aaron Walker Going to college is a free pass to reinvent yourself. You’re no longer bound by the same social scene that remembers your Garfield lunchbox or that horrible bowl cut you inflicted upon yourself. This is an entire campus full of people who don’t know what skeletons are in your closet; they don’t know a … Read More

Our October Event

Thank you so much to everyone for attending. Our October event was just wonderful. The storytellers were excellent. The audience was marvelous. Urban Grind was lovely. Special thanks to Dynagraphics for the flyers and Strange Love Live for the sound. Videos to come. But first: announcing our December event. December 10th at the Mission Theater (1624 NW Glisan) Back Fence … Read More

Just Can't Get Enough

by Nora Robertson from Solanova I moved to Romania for a year in 1996. There was a decaying Deco mall in Temesvar dropping chunks of leaded glass. My boyfriend’s turned up nose reddened in the cold under a fedora that an old Bulgarian restaurateur gave him, a remnant of commie Black Sea resort culture. As the plane had pulled away, … Read More

Just Can't Get Enough

By Meagan from Unclean Conscience Steve* had crisp blue eyes. Sometimes I was absolutely convinced that the sky was directly reflected in them. Those eyes convinced me to do many things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Our relationship was a long distance one. Which I was used to at this point, after getting close to a few men right before I … Read More

True Colors

Tits by Zoe Trope My best friend got his tits chopped off. My mother dated a man named Henry who wanted to be a woman named Rachel. He dumped her months ago but now they’re trying to be friends. My first serious relationship was with a girl who wanted to be a boy. I wrote about him in my memoir. … Read More