The Moment After

by Ceci Virtue [Editor’s note: Yes, his name is supposed to have a 5 in it. And most of our 2.18 lineup is in the sidebar, buy tickets now!] Da5id moved to the desert to die. Oddly enough, and a fact he hadn’t thought of, some things survive in the desert. I suppose I should have started this as “Once … Read More

Last Three!

The last three videos from our December 10th show– [vimeo 2510301] [vimeo 2508208] [vimeo 2546680]

Happy New Year from Back Fence PDX!

Thank you so much for supporting Back Fence. Here’s to another year of great stories! Two more tales from our December 10th show. [vimeo 2507046] [vimeo 2516422]

Two Videos from Back Fence's December 10th Event

Thank you to everyone for coming to the event. It was so great! The tellers certainly rocked the bells. Check out a couple of videos below. Stay tuned for more! [vimeo 2501996] [vimeo 2505033] Special thanks to our sponsor, Powell’s Books — shop local this holiday season. Thank you to Brewcaster for filming, Sadie Medley for designing our flyers and … Read More

Get Yer Tickets!

Okay folks, we’re just a week away from the Wednesday, December 10th Back Fence PDX show. Mission Theater 1624 N.W. Glisan Portland, OR 97209 Full bar, full food Doors open 7:30. Show starts at 8. Buy tickets here. This event is going to just wonderful. Theme: Rock the Bells Our storytellers: Danny Seim from Menomena Nick Jaina Gideon Freudmann from … Read More

Rock the Bells

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Holidays by Geoff Kleinman I’ve been not celebrating Christmas almost my whole life. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not celebrating Christmas is like being six feet tall and not playing basketball. But I do play basketball, or at least I have, but I’ve never been able to really dunk … Read More

Rock the Bells

The Peal by The Underblawgger Down the row, she looks at me with a tremendous smile. Bright points of light slide along the curved bronze gleam by her chest, and the lip casts a glow against the bottom of her chin. I smile back, as the two ringers between us upturn their own golden cups, and we all focus on … Read More

Rock the Bells

Man Was I Glad to See You Again By Heather Reddy of Sorry to Be So Heavy I tried to be Facebook friends with my exhusband. I really did. I felt like I was Over It. In retrospect, I guess it’s not so strange that, when feelings are gone, pettiness remains. I would look at his profile often—the odd thing … Read More

Back Fence is TONIGHT!

Back Fence PDX is happening tonight. The stories are simply magnificent and the storytellers are remarkable. This month’s intermission features belly dancers Miriam, Kalila, and Mahira of Bellypalooza Purchase tickets here until 3pm. We only take cash at the door. And steal that image and put it on your own blog, would ya? Special thanks to Tyler and Dynagraphics for … Read More