Summer Love's Event

Check out a few videos we shot at the June 19th event. We have fancier, professional video coming from the fabulous Brian Belefant, but here’s all the Flip Camera’s memory could hold. Videos of all the storytellers coming soon. We’ll announce them when it’s out. Enjoy! At the intermission, we asked an audience member to come up and tell a story completely spontaneously. How Jordi managed to make us all laugh and then cry in six minutes is remarkable. Proves … Read More

backfenceadminSummer Love's Event

Summer Love!

What a great event last night! The crowd was fabulous and the storytellers were funny and a few made us cry. The swimsuits and the models were delicious. Check back in a few hours for a few videos from the evening.

backfenceadminSummer Love!

Summer Love is Here!

Tonight’s the night for Back Fence PDX at Tour de Crepes. All the info is just to the right of this post. We are so excited. Picking up the stage at 3, sound guy, Brian, gets there at 6, as do our SWIMSUIT MODELS. Did I mention we’re having SWIMSUIT MODELS? Storytellers get there around 7 for Xanax and vodka wine and beer. And then you. You arrive at 7:30. Or a few minutes before if you want a crepe … Read More

backfenceadminSummer Love is Here!

Summer Love Featuring Ainsley Drew

BY AINSLEY DREW OF FACE PLANT, JERK ETHIC AND BITCHCRAFT The fish market I worked at the summer when I was twenty-four was nestled between a bakery and a cheese shop, on a stretch of West Village blocks associated with Sex and the City and snotty NYU students. I hated my job and only derived pleasure from interacting with neighborhood locals and setting up the display every morning in the single floor-to-ceiling window that helped to raise the temperature and … Read More

backfenceadminSummer Love Featuring Ainsley Drew

Summer Love: Featuring Jess Under Construction

BY JESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION A few weeks before we packed all of our belongings into the backseat of an aging, blue VW Rabbit and drove the 2500 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon, my soon-to-be mother-in-law sat my soon-to-be husband, Chris, down, looked him in the eye, and told him, “If you marry Jess and move to Oregon you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.” Chris told me about the comment later that day. We knew … Read More

backfenceadminSummer Love: Featuring Jess Under Construction

Summer Love

Sun In — The Bane of every Brunette by Melissa Lion I grew up in condos in San Diego, California. This experience taught me a few things. 1) All conflict boils down to the final battle between the Crips and the Bloods. Or, rather, my idea of the Crips and the Bloods — Ice Cube and LL Cool J acting really sexy and girls shaking their gold-lame clad rumps to the music. The conflict is settled by whose car has … Read More

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