Mistakes Were Made

EGAN DANEHY: Host/Producer of Mortified PDX + Changer of Diapers | [sview caption=”Egan Danehy at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/31673634″]watch[/sview] MATT SMITH: World Class Auctioneer + The Postman in Sleepless in Seattle | [sview caption=”Matt Smith at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/31638927″]watch[/sview] MEG WORDEN: Former Federal Prisoner + Current Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher | [sview caption=”Meg Worden at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/31751279″]watch[/sview] PRISCILLA G. ROBINSON: Former Forensic Military Photographer/Photojournalist + Current Fragrance Salesperson SARAH GRACE MCCANDLESS: Author of The Girl I … Read More

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