But Wait… It Gets Worse (w/5 Truths and a Lie)

DERRICK BROWN: President of Write Bloody Publishing + Paratrouper for the 82nd Airborne + Was a Magician at Knotts Berry Farm + Loves Shooting Bows & Arrows at Beer Cans | [sview caption=”Derrick Brown at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006929″]watch[/sview]

JESSICA LEE WILLIAMSON: Personal Assistant + Tried to Beat the World Record in Pogo Sticking + Failed the 9th and 11tth Grade + Accidentally ate a Citronella Candle Thinking it Was Candy | [sview caption=”Jessica Lee Williamson at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006928″]watch[/sview]

LEATHER STORRS: Chef at Noble Rot + Featured in a Wanted Poster + Punched in the Head by Jazz Band Instructor + Rafted and Reefered with Travel Guide Rick Steves | [sview caption=”Leather Storrs at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006933″]watch[/sview]

MATT BROWN: Co-Owner Bunk Bar & Trigger + Raised in Rural Farm Country North Carolina, Pop. 2800 + Had 5 Car Wrecks in High School Due to a “Bridges are a Nightmare” Panic Attack Problem (No Injuries) + 3 Surgeries in Foreign Lands to Correct Twisted Balls | [sview caption=”Matt Brown at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006935″]watch[/sview]

SHANNON BALCOM: Administrative Assistant + Voted 2003 Tigard High School Class Clown + Scared of Low Flying Birds + Won 1st Place in Chubby Cheeks Contest + Career Bridesmaid | [sview caption=”Shannon Balcom at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006930″]watch[/sview]

ZACHARY SCHOMBURG: Oregon Book Award Winner + Accidentally Spent an Entire Day on an Italian Tour Bus in Russia + Has Never Bought a Pack of Gum + Tried to Train Turtle to Jump From a Ledge | [sview caption=”Zachary Schomburg at Back Fence PDX” source=”http://vimeo.com/65006990″]watch[/sview]

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