B. FRAYN MASTERS is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of the Back Fence PDX storytelling series — and is also the PDX Producer for The Moth GrandSLAM. She was voted Best Storyteller/Spoken Word Artist for the 2015 Willamette Week’s Best Of issue. Masters was lucky enough to be a guest performer in w00stock 2.1, which starred the super funny Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, and Paul & Storm. Samples of her literary leanings can be found in Airplane ReadingMonkeyBicycle 6HobartSPORK and Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists. She puts most of the monies in her bank account as a voice over artist and as an animation and commercial scriptwriter. She swoons for good stories.

Contact B. Frayn: frayn [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.

On Twitter: @bfraynmastered

MINDY NETTIFEE is a Co-Producer of the Back Fence PDX series, and she is the Co-Host of Back Fence PDX: RUSSIAN ROULETTE.  She is the award-winning writer and performance poet BUST Magazine calls “the lingustic orgasm we’ve all been waiting for.” She is the author of two full-length collections of poetry, Sleepyhead Assassins (Moon Tide Press) and Rise of the Trust Fall (Write Bloody Press), and the collection of essays on writing Glitter In The Blood (Write Bloody Press). She has curated literary events for the Smithsonian Project, the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, co-founded and directed the nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society, and has taught writing and performance for more than a decade at colleges, universities and community organizations across the United States. She holds an MA in Depth Psychology and Somatic Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she specialized in understanding the continuum of the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the body in the creative process.  She is currently in doctoral studies researching the role of story, embodied metaphor and the expressive arts in trauma recovery.

Contact Mindy: mindy [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.

On Twitter: @thecultofmindy

LIZ OLUFSON is Associate Producer & Mainstage House Manager of the Back Fence PDX series. She comes to Back Fence PDX with a background in theatrical stage management, a love of performance arts, and a desire to help people enjoy a great evening. When not buzzing around the Alberta Rose Theatre on show night, you can find her at Literary Arts, working on the Wordstock: Portland’s Book Festival! In her free time, Liz enjoys perusing the aisles at Powell’s Books, intensely strategizing at board game night, hiking, and perfecting the art of the homebody – gardening and snuggling with her cat.

Contact Liz: liz [at] backfencepdx [dot] com.

BRIAN S. ELLIS is a Story Producer for the Back Fence PDX series. He is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently, Often Go Awry from University of Hell Press.

JASON ROUSE is The Announcer for Back Fence PDX: MAINSTAGE. Is a Writer and the Announcer for Live Wire! Radio, teaches sketch comedy writing all over town and has been a member of several sketch comedy troupes including The 3rd Floor and Sweat. Look at his photo and feel his presence. On Twitter: @Jason_Rouse Photo credit: Andy Batt

DJ BOBBY is the House DJ for Back Fence PDX: RUSSIAN ROULETTE. Bobby plays a mix of modern soul, boogie and R&B – lighting up dance floors and inspiring tasteful, epic vibes. You Like most DJs, Bobby can jam out the hits. But ultimately, he’ll hook you with a litany of weirdo pop grooves you never knew you liked. You can here him on XRAY.fm every Friday at 6pm.

Contact Bobby: bobby [at] urbanedibles [dot] org

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