True Colors

Father’s Day by The Underblawg Mimi thought our dad was pretty good. He wasn’t home much, but Mom said that was because he was an important man, and people everywhere wanted to know what he thought about things. “He misses you when he’s away,” she told us. “That’s why he always brings you presents.” One time, he brought us bright … Read More

Summer Love's Event

Check out a few videos we shot at the June 19th event. We have fancier, professional video coming from the fabulous Brian Belefant, but here’s all the Flip Camera’s memory could hold. Videos of all the storytellers coming soon. We’ll announce them when it’s out. Enjoy! At the intermission, we asked an audience member to come up and tell a … Read More

Summer Love!

What a great event last night! The crowd was fabulous and the storytellers were funny and a few made us cry. The swimsuits and the models were delicious. Check back in a few hours for a few videos from the evening.

Summer Love is Here!

Tonight’s the night for Back Fence PDX at Tour de Crepes. All the info is just to the right of this post. We are so excited. Picking up the stage at 3, sound guy, Brian, gets there at 6, as do our SWIMSUIT MODELS. Did I mention we’re having SWIMSUIT MODELS? Storytellers get there around 7 for Xanax and vodka … Read More

Summer Love is Almost Here

It’s almost here! Thursday, June 19th. 7:30pm. Tour de Crepes. The info is right next to this post. Invite your friends!

Summer Love Featuring Teresa Difalco

BY TERESA DIFALCO My summers peaked in 1984 and I might have, too, because everything happened to me that year. It was iconic, like Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love. My best friends were Beth and Gina and the three of us were spoiled with leisure, bored like heiresses, channeling Jacy Barrow from The Last Picture Show only not small-town, … Read More

Summer Love: Featuring Recovering Straight Girl

BY RECOVERING STRAIGHT GIRL The summer of 1970—I traveled with my mother visiting the homes of assorted relatives—spending a little time here and a little time there. Some people do this while on holiday, for pleasure or perhaps adventure, but we had little choice. In some ways we were homeless—like two tramps making their way around the country carrying with … Read More

Summer Love: Featuring Life and Times of Chantel

Heat Wave by LIFE AND TIMES OF CHANTEL August 2003 was a tragic month for France. A heat wave stifled the country. The temperature was in excess of 100 degrees. 100 degrees may be manageable in the US but in a country where air conditioning is a luxury, the very old and very young struggled and many lost their lives. … Read More

Summer Love Featuring Ainsley Drew

BY AINSLEY DREW OF FACE PLANT, JERK ETHIC AND BITCHCRAFT The fish market I worked at the summer when I was twenty-four was nestled between a bakery and a cheese shop, on a stretch of West Village blocks associated with Sex and the City and snotty NYU students. I hated my job and only derived pleasure from interacting with neighborhood … Read More

Summer Love: Featuring Jess Under Construction

BY JESS UNDER CONSTRUCTION A few weeks before we packed all of our belongings into the backseat of an aging, blue VW Rabbit and drove the 2500 miles from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Portland, Oregon, my soon-to-be mother-in-law sat my soon-to-be husband, Chris, down, looked him in the eye, and told him, “If you marry Jess and move to Oregon you … Read More