An Audience with the University Emperor. Fiona McCann in Japan.

SPOILER ALERT… if you have not heard FIONA MCCANN’S amazing and profound story of an Irish girl teaching English in Japan, you may want to hold off on reading  the postscript below until after you’ve watched the video!

As a postscript to my tale of mouthfuls and an empty stomach, I’d like to add that I have fully recovered from the eating disorder I described in this story.  I hit rock bottom with an almighty crash in Japan, but thanks to the energies of some wonderful people – my irrepressibly chirpy landlady Mrs Sekiguchi made it her mission to feed me and would not be deterred by what she called my Karen Carpentry – and to some survival instinct that kicked in when I was almost licked, I made it. I returned to Ireland after that year a little closer to a normal weight, and once I was back in a country where I could at least follow a conversation, I went to meetings and tried some therapy. But mostly I read. I read whatever I could find about eating disorders, got my feminism on, chose angry over hungry and found the fight to beat the thing once and for all. Oh, and I learned to spell anorexia. You know, in case it ever came up in a crossword.

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